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Top 22 Halloween Tuxedo Ideas

With Halloween right around the corner (it’s tomorrow guys!), we thought here at Elephant’s Trunk that we would put together a few of our favorite, creative costume ideas for you that involve tuxedos! If you already have one at home, great — get to work. If you need one to wear (or the one you have doesn’t quite fit)…. well, we know a good place where you might find one.

Halloween Tuxedo

Here are our top 22 ideas:

  1. The Most Interesting Man in the World. This ad campaign for Dos Equis beer is a classic, and of course he’s always clad in a tuxedo. (Stay thirsty my friends!)
  2. Bond. James Bond. Just add a martini glass. Shaken not stirred, obviously. Bonus points if you can do a Sean Connery accent. (Aston Martin sports car is optional, of course.)
  3. Downton Abbey Cast Member. Pretend you’re a member of the landed gentry headed to dinner with a formal tailcoat and white tie attire.
  4. Dracula. Start with a tuxedo; add a cape and medallion on a ribbon. Be sure to be home before first light tomorrow morning.
  5. Psy. Get a wild tuxedo, glasses and the dance down for a great costume. Make sure to have the song, Gangnam Style on your phone to play at any time.
  6. Jay Gatsby. Very popular after Leonardo DiCaprio’s presentation of this gilded-age tycoon. All you need are some hair products and a cocktail (see James Bond, above) to complete the ensemble.
  7. Camo Tux/Duck Dynasty Theme.  You never know when you might need to blend into your surroundings with a Mossy Oak Camo tuxedo.
  8. A Magician. Pull a rabbit out of your top hat or saw your lovely assistant in half. Or maybe just stick to some card tricks?
  9. A Formal Apology.  Very easy to pull off — wear a tuxedo and pin a sign to the front saying, “I’m sorry.”  What are you this year? A formal apology. (Extra points from your more intellectual friends for creativity.)
  10. Bride & Groom.  Have your date grab an old wedding dress (Goodwill perhaps?) and head down the aisle.  A good option for married couples. (However, you should probably avoid this if it raises uncomfortable conversations about why you haven’t shown more interest in popping the question to your long-term girlfriend.)
  11. Zombie Groom. A variation on the above idea. Wear your tux with a little zombie makeup and you’re good to go.
  12. Humphrey Bogart. For a guy with the right build, just add a white dinner jacket and a glass of scotch. Here’s lookin’ at you kid.
  13. Chippendale Dancer. For the guy with self-confidence to spare, this may be an option.  Not really requiring much in the way of a full tuxedo. A bow-tie, bare chest and tight pants should do the trick.
  14. A Penguin. Find a cute penguin mask and pair it with a tailcoat tuxedo.
  15. Vintage Prom. Find a vintage style and go with it.  Load the top ten hit songs from 1980 (or whenever you graduated) on your phone.
  16. Phantom of the Opera. A tuxedo and a half-mask is all you need to pull off this French legend.
  17. Symphony Conductor. Good evening maestro. Tux it up and add a conductor’s wand.
  18. Monopoly Man. Wear a top hat, a tail coat and a curvy mustache. Hand out fake money to other guests at the party.
  19. Vintage Hollywood. We already mentioned Humphrey Bogart, but wear a top hat & tails to be your own version of Gene Kelly or other Hollywood legends.
  20. Rat Pack. Tuxes with untied bow ties, a cocktail in one hand and a mic in the other will complete the picture.
  21. Titanic. Leo looked great dancing in a tuxedo with Kate Winslet. Bring a date and go as this duo.
  22. Secret Service. A black suit or tuxedo and a pair of sunglasses and you’ll be good to go.

Whatever you go as this year, be safe and send us some pictures of you in your tuxedo-themed costume.  We’d love to see how it looks!

What does a Mother of the Groom wear to the wedding?

The bride will always be the focal point of any wedding, that’s a given. But what about the mom of the groom? This is your day in the sun, a time of joy and pride, of letting go and gaining a daughter and playing by the rules. If this were a horse race, you would “place”.

The bride will choose a color scheme, and she may want you to blend even though you are not officially part of the wedding party. The unwritten rule gives the mom of the bride first choice in a gown. That may be a good thing. Once you know what she’s wearing it actually puts you in a very nice position of knowing how important your gown needs to be and the freedom to choose a color that works for you and the bride. One thing is for sure, there is not shortage of magnificent gowns for you to choose from.

By blending, we do not mean wallflower, we mean complimentary. At Elephant’s Trunk we are fortunate to carry couture designers that allow for custom designs; the top from one dress with the bottom of another, cover the arms, a little lower on that neck line, peg the skirt, accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative. It is so much fun!

Cooperating doesn’t mean settling. Again this is your day in the sun, go glamorous, stand tall and walk proud.


The importance of the right shoe for prom!

We have entered prom season at Elephant’s Trunk! Prom is a special event where seniors dress up to walk the red carpet. It is a memorable night before they move on to their next journey in life. Girls bring on the glitz and glamour, while the guys step up with a slim fit tuxedo. This is the night to look your very best.

Even if you have the prettiest gown or the most dapper tux at prom (or any event in general), the right shoe completes the outfit. Wear shoes that complement the length of your attire appropriately. Ladies, if you want to wear an extremely high heel, make sure that your gown doesn’t fall short. Nobody wants to look like they have a “flood gown” on! Vice versa, if your heel is too low, then your dress will drag on the floor. You don’t want to have people continuously stepping on your dress while every body has their “groove on” doing the cha-cha slide.

If you find the perfect shoe before alterations are made, bring them to your next appointment so that everything can be hemmed to perfection. If the shoes aren’t found before alterations, find the right pair that will cooperate with the dress’ length. You did decide to wear a gown and not a short dress after all!

Similar with guys, make sure the tux shop provides you with the correct type of shoe to try on, which will ensure accuracy of the alterations. Don’t be lazy and try on your tux with basketball sneakers! With your stylish gown or tux on with your accessories and the right shoes, you are ready for prom.

Is Lace Making a Comeback?

We think of lace as Victorian or Vintage … always romantic.

Now we are seeing lace take on a whole new twist … sleek, sophisticated … simply elegant. This contemporary shape of a romantic fabric is finding its way to garden parties, weddings or Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. These are timeless classics to wear for years to come.

Top designers are getting on board such a Sue Wong, Adrianna Papell, Jane Wang, Jovani and Aexclusive.

Of course you can find them at Elephant’s Trunk, your household name for evening wear and special occasion clothing.

lace (3)

My Mothers Taught Me . . .

Under dresses or over dressed, what is the better choice?

My mother was a runway model, she featured bridal gowns. Her tall stature gave her the elegance to carry the gowns. In her personal life she more demure; she always told me “it’s better to be underdressed than overdressed” … “you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb’. She had a tendency to choose quieter clothes; she would rather risk being a wallflower than being too flamboyant … that was her.

My mother-in-law on the other hand, was quite flamboyant, dramatic. She too had the stature to carry dramatic clothes. She enjoyed being the center of attention and felt quite comfortable being overdressed. She pulled it off.

Taking what I have learned from both of them, I have come to the conclusion that we each have a personal comfortable level and it is not the clothes but how at ease you are in them. It comes down to that old adage “know thy self”.

Nothing is more beautiful than a woman who is comfortable in her own skin, so dress your personal style, be appropriate for the occasion but be you.

Thank you Moms; for being yourselves.


When Should I Shop for My Dress?

Like all things, it is better to not wait till the last minute to shop for your gown; but let me tell you a story.

Last spring we got a phone call, “I’m the mother of the groom, the wedding is tomorrow and I don’t have a dress!” … “Come in tonight, we will stay late for you” … “No, I am having a dinner party tonight, I’ll come in tomorrow”. Our jaws hung open but we agreed, she would come first thing tomorrow.

Well, it was a miracle; she walked out with a dress off the rack, an Ania Zofia. It was perfect, not one alteration, she looked fabulous and left very happy. They drove directly to the wedding.

Don’t do that!!!!

At Elephant’s Trunk we have dresses and gowns that can take from three days to three months depending on style, company, and where it is made. We have beautiful gowns made in New York that are couture and can be here in as little as four weeks, two weeks as a rush cut.

While accommodating our customers is our middle name, planning ahead is best for your sanity and nerves! In a perfect world we would like to see you here six months in advance (we can live with three months). Take your time, come to our trunk shows … find the gown that makes you shine.

We want you to walk into your event … confident, relaxed and radiant!


What to wear if you’re a pear

One of the most common balance discrepancies is what is know as the pear shape.

Your shoulders and rib cage are narrower than your hips and thighs. Extra weight gravitates below the waist … hips, thighs, derriere and sometimes the legs. You bust is usually average to small, face and neck generally slender.

There are a few things you can do.
Add some extra dimension to the top.
Reduce dimension on the bottom
Redirect attention from the broadness below to the slimness above.
For evening wear the classic ball gown may be just the trick

If you are an Apple figure?

Are your shoulders wider than your hips and you tend to gain weight in the stomach, waist & bust? Here are a few tips to help you look your best.

Your shoulders are a great asset, perfect for draping fabric and creating an elegant stature.

Think vertical above the waist … V necks, shawl and open necklines work for you.

Slenderize the top by taking out shoulder pads and wearing soft, fluid unstructured styles that just skim the body. Avoid excess detailing on the top and accent your thin legs with a narrow skirt. Presto!

You may want to visit our Ania Zofia trunk show for handpainted silks cut on the bias …March 9th & 10th.

Looking Leaner

No matter what your size and shape, most of us want to look lean. Of course rigorous hours at the gym always helps but what can we do right now? Well there are a few tricks of the trade. You’ve probably heard them before, but let’s have a refresher course.

The magic of monochromatic! Monochromatic dressing automatically makes everyone look slimmer and taller instantly. So easy, so elegant and so simple! Dressing in one color produces one strong vertical line that elongates the body, bringing us to trick #2.

The faster the eye scans a line the longer and narrower the area seems. Our eyes scans vertical lines very quickly, hence we want to create this effect in our clothing. Be it a stripe in the fabric, a long flowing jacket, diagonal draping or simply seams, look for the vertical line the garment will create.


The monochromatic vertical line of the dress is offset by the horizontal stole. Notice how your eye rests on the stole giving her width at the shoulders.

Our clothes talk …

What do our clothes say … everything from socioeconomic status, taste and character to your self-image, attitudes and personality. That’s just how it is.

We do it every day, think of how we want to present ourselves to the world. How we want to be perceived. The pressure builds when we are having a special occasion that will be documented forever in pictures. How to cope? Get good help.

It starts with the venue, the feel of the event, if it’s a wedding the bride will take the lead of what image she wants to create. Respect that. This also dictates the importance of the dress, sometimes we just need to take it up a notch as with the mother of the bride or groom.

Mostly, and I do mean mostly, it depends on the fit, how the garment flatters your figure, your completion and your personality. That is where a good fashion consultant is essential. They will guide you to what looks best on your figure, what is appropriate for the event and venue.

Then what you need is a master at alterations, because a perfect fit says everything about you.

At Elephant’s Trunk we feel that our reputation walks in the door with you.