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What is a Trunk Show?

You see the promotions as if something special is going on, well … it is special. Trunk shows are when designers lend much or all of their line to a store. Many times the designer will accompany the goods and work with buyers to provide custom service.

Buyers of merchandise look through thousands of vendors to discriminately pick and choose what their customers will want. Your favorite stores are just that because the buyers have an eye for fashion that you like, it’s that simple. What the trunk show does is give a much more extensive collection of the lines they already like.

Everybody wins. The designers show more of their goods, the shop keepers get the goods without the huge outlay of money (hence they can afford to pass on a show promotion) and the customer wins big time by getting service from the designer, money off from the shopkeeper & most of all by the huge selection! So when you see a trunk show being offered … get excited, this is a special event.

For a list of our upcoming Trunk Shows just follow this link http://elephantstrunk.com/events/


What are the Dress Expectations for the Mother of the Bride?

Okay, when it comes to the wedding party, everyone kind of has an idea of what to expect. The bride wears a beautiful gown and the groom sports a dapper tux as his nearly identically dressed groomsmen escort the lovely bridesmaids down the aisle in their matching dresses, handpicked by the bride herself. But those aren’t the only important members of the wedding who needfg to be mindful of what they’re wearing. When it comes to the mother of the bride, everyone has their own opinions on what she should wear, but are there really any set rules?

j According to The Knot, the answer to that question would be no – well not technically. We did however mention that people are still going to have their opinions. When it comes to the color of the MOB’s dress, it’s typically been considered common knowledge to steer clear of hues of white and other colors such as red and black. You wouldn’t want anyone to think that you were trying to compete with the bride or worse – that you were mourning the fact that the marriage was even happening to begin with. Most would suggest sticking to more understatedly elegant colors such as lavender, burgundy or certain shades of blue.

Now while we understand the thought behind all of this, we’d have to agree with the The Knot when they advise you to speak with the bride. Times are continuously changing and though certain colors may still seem taboo, they can work very beautifully if done the right way.

In the end, it’s most important to remember that this is the bride’s day, not yours. If you’re still unsure on which way to turn, consider asking your daughter to accompany you on a shopping trip to Elephant’s Trunk. Even if she doesn’t want to say it, seeing her face when you step out of the dressing room will give you a clue, one way or the other!

Choosing the Right Accessories for your Prom Look

When it comes to prom preparations, finding the right dress is only half the battle. There are the shoes to worry about, the perfect hair style and not to mention the overwhelming amount of choices to make in the jewelry department. Try you’re best not to stress over it though – there are plenty of factors to help you make a decision on the perfect accessories for your big night.

The most important thing to keep in mind when searching for your jewelry is the style of your dress. If you find that you dress is fairly simple, you’re going to want to pair it up with some loud jewelry to give it that little something extra. However, if your dress is already on the flashier, command-your-attention side, it would probably be best to tone it down a little bit when it comes to the jewelry.

v The Necklacve – long, short, jeweled, pearled, gold or silver; it seems like the options available to us for a simple necklace are endless. Luckily for you, there are quite a few standards in place to help us figure out exactly what works best. First and foremost, the length; for those dresses that sport a deeper neckline, we would suggest opting for a longer necklace to help enhance the natural lining of the gown. The shorter-length necklaces should be reserved for those dresses that sport a straight or higher neckline.

Secondly, be sure to pay attention to the details of your dress. If you’ve chosen to go with a gown that is highly decorated around the bust, it may be best to go sans neckwear. You don’t want to take away from the dress itself when it has the ability to shine on its own in the first place.

d The Earrings – While the necklace depends on the dress, the earrings are subject to your hairstyle. Think about it: if you’re choosing to wear your hair down in thick curls, you’re going to want to pick a pair of earrings that can stand out and hold their own. Remember to allow both your hairstyle and your earrings to complement each other, not compete against each other. If the hair is simple, play up the glitz and glam with the earrings; if you’re going with a more dramatic updo, keep the earrings on the more delicate side.

The most important part of this whole process is that you feel beautiful! Your prom night is your one night to live like a movie star, so start it off right and find the perfect dress and accessories right here at Elephant’s Trunk! We’ve got everything you need!

Find the Perfect Prom Dress Early This Year!

As a high school girl, your prom is one of the greatest highlights of your entire educational career. Now while the actual event isn’t until the end of school year, now is the time to start making a few preparations – and picking out the perfect dress is one of them.

118 It may seem a little early to be worrying about a dress just yet, but the truth is that now is actually the ideal time. With countless girls already beginning to register their prom dresses on Facebook, you’ll want to make sure you can secure the perfect dress before it’s too late!

Some of you out there may be wondering what it means to register a dress online. Basically, registering your dress is the act of letting the other girls know, (especially those at your school) that you bought a particular dress. This is to ensure that your gown will be one of a kind at the big event.

Since this process has already begun, the Elephant’s Trunk staff has decided to bring out our prom dresses early! Our gorgeous selection of gowns began to arrive on Saturday, December 15, 2012 so call up your girlfriends and stop on in! There are so many beautiful options, we’re sure you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect prom dress for you!

How to choose a Tuxedo Rental company

We all hear so many horror stories about tuxedo’s fitting improperly, what should you look for in a Tuxedo Rental company?

Obviously, you want to work with someone who cares about how you look for your special occasion as much as you do. But what should they do to make that happen?


For starters, take good measurements. They should ask your height; take a minimum of chest, waist, neck and arm. But more important than the measurements, they should have you try on the clothes.

First check the shirt for proper fit, how’s the neck comfortably tight? How’s the length of the sleeves? How do the pants fit? Check for pulling at the pockets (an indication that they are too tight) how well do the pleats lay? If the pleats droop, you may want to consider a suspender, they hold the pants where they should be to enhance the drape. Perhaps you prefer a flat front pant, now available with most styles. Ask them to show you how to adjust the waist – a real plus for before and after dinner. How is the rise? If the rise is too low you may get baggy butt … the girls don’t like that. If that’s the case, have them order you a shorter rise.

How are the shoes, comfortable enough to tear up the dance floor? Next is the pant length, also know as the outseam measurement. At Elephant’s Trunk we are partial to a full break – the back of the pants comes just above the heel and the pant breaks on the front of the shoe. If you have a personal preference, let them know.

The vest should fit comfortably. It will have an adjustment in the back to pull in the waist. Look for gapping by the arms, an indication that it may be too loose. Pulling at the sides …may be too tight.

Going for a cummerbund instead of a vest? Remember the pleats face up – just think of them catching crumbs.

The jacket; men come in all shapes and sizes and some jackets will be better for different body types, you consultant should know the nuances of each designer. Let’s start at the shoulders, ideally the jacket will not hang off the shoulder (too big) nor create cupping at the outside of the shoulder (too tight). Then we look at the belly, sometimes we have the case of too much beer. Different cuts will fit looser through the belly, still too tight, may want to consider a portly jacket that gives an extra 2″, and sometimes it’s a balance of the shoulders and tummy … it’s all fine tuning. Not enough beer, there are leaner cuts for you lean beans, should be an easy fit. The athlete; pumping iron and lean bean waist, an athletic cut is for you. Then there is the height factor, we like the jacket to hit somewhere near the middle to bottom digit of your thumb, check the balance of your upper and lower body to see if a short, regular, or long jacket is best for you. Then there is your jacket sleeve length, there is some latitude with personal preference, but it should land somewhere near where your thumb joint meets your wrist. Want to shoot linen? Or do you like them a little longer? If you are hard to fit or the groom, many times the vendor can pull in a “try on” in the jacket and size you like to double check before ordering.

Are you in a wedding that is out of town? As a courtesy tuxedo shops do measurements for each other. So get good measurements done and then you will usually pick up near the town of the wedding. There are some extra measurements that will be helpful to the shop receiving the order. They will help them see if the order looks right and raise any questions if necessary. Height, weight, chest, overarm, waist, hip, outseam, neck, shirt sleeve length, jacket size, sleeve inseam.

Your suit should arrive at your vendor the week of the event, when you are called get there early to try it on before you take it home. Final adjustments can be made at that time.

So there you have it, rest easy and enjoy your special day!