The importance of the right shoe for prom!

We have entered prom season at Elephant’s Trunk! Prom is a special event where seniors dress up to walk the red carpet. It is a memorable night before they move on to their next journey in life. Girls bring on the glitz and glamour, while the guys step up with a slim fit tuxedo. This is the night to look your very best.

Even if you have the prettiest gown or the most dapper tux at prom (or any event in general), the right shoe completes the outfit. Wear shoes that complement the length of your attire appropriately. Ladies, if you want to wear an extremely high heel, make sure that your gown doesn’t fall short. Nobody wants to look like they have a “flood gown” on! Vice versa, if your heel is too low, then your dress will drag on the floor. You don’t want to have people continuously stepping on your dress while every body has their “groove on” doing the cha-cha slide.

If you find the perfect shoe before alterations are made, bring them to your next appointment so that everything can be hemmed to perfection. If the shoes aren’t found before alterations, find the right pair that will cooperate with the dress’ length. You did decide to wear a gown and not a short dress after all!

Similar with guys, make sure the tux shop provides you with the correct type of shoe to try on, which will ensure accuracy of the alterations. Don’t be lazy and try on your tux with basketball sneakers! With your stylish gown or tux on with your accessories and the right shoes, you are ready for prom.

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