Looking Leaner

No matter what your size and shape, most of us want to look lean. Of course rigorous hours at the gym always helps but what can we do right now? Well there are a few tricks of the trade. You’ve probably heard them before, but let’s have a refresher course.

The magic of monochromatic! Monochromatic dressing automatically makes everyone look slimmer and taller instantly. So easy, so elegant and so simple! Dressing in one color produces one strong vertical line that elongates the body, bringing us to trick #2.

The faster the eye scans a line the longer and narrower the area seems. Our eyes scans vertical lines very quickly, hence we want to create this effect in our clothing. Be it a stripe in the fabric, a long flowing jacket, diagonal draping or simply seams, look for the vertical line the garment will create.


The monochromatic vertical line of the dress is offset by the horizontal stole. Notice how your eye rests on the stole giving her width at the shoulders.

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