When Should I Shop for My Dress?

Like all things, it is better to not wait till the last minute to shop for your gown; but let me tell you a story.

Last spring we got a phone call, “I’m the mother of the groom, the wedding is tomorrow and I don’t have a dress!” … “Come in tonight, we will stay late for you” … “No, I am having a dinner party tonight, I’ll come in tomorrow”. Our jaws hung open but we agreed, she would come first thing tomorrow.

Well, it was a miracle; she walked out with a dress off the rack, an Ania Zofia. It was perfect, not one alteration, she looked fabulous and left very happy. They drove directly to the wedding.

Don’t do that!!!!

At Elephant’s Trunk we have dresses and gowns that can take from three days to three months depending on style, company, and where it is made. We have beautiful gowns made in New York that are couture and can be here in as little as four weeks, two weeks as a rush cut.

While accommodating our customers is our middle name, planning ahead is best for your sanity and nerves! In a perfect world we would like to see you here six months in advance (we can live with three months). Take your time, come to our trunk shows … find the gown that makes you shine.

We want you to walk into your event … confident, relaxed and radiant!


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