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Top 22 Halloween Tuxedo Ideas

With Halloween right around the corner (it’s tomorrow guys!), we thought here at Elephant’s Trunk that we would put together a few of our favorite, creative costume ideas for you that involve tuxedos! If you already have one at home, great — get to work. If you need one to wear (or the one you have doesn’t quite fit)…. well, we know a good place where you might find one.

Halloween Tuxedo

Here are our top 22 ideas:

  1. The Most Interesting Man in the World. This ad campaign for Dos Equis beer is a classic, and of course he’s always clad in a tuxedo. (Stay thirsty my friends!)
  2. Bond. James Bond. Just add a martini glass. Shaken not stirred, obviously. Bonus points if you can do a Sean Connery accent. (Aston Martin sports car is optional, of course.)
  3. Downton Abbey Cast Member. Pretend you’re a member of the landed gentry headed to dinner with a formal tailcoat and white tie attire.
  4. Dracula. Start with a tuxedo; add a cape and medallion on a ribbon. Be sure to be home before first light tomorrow morning.
  5. Psy. Get a wild tuxedo, glasses and the dance down for a great costume. Make sure to have the song, Gangnam Style on your phone to play at any time.
  6. Jay Gatsby. Very popular after Leonardo DiCaprio’s presentation of this gilded-age tycoon. All you need are some hair products and a cocktail (see James Bond, above) to complete the ensemble.
  7. Camo Tux/Duck Dynasty Theme.  You never know when you might need to blend into your surroundings with a Mossy Oak Camo tuxedo.
  8. A Magician. Pull a rabbit out of your top hat or saw your lovely assistant in half. Or maybe just stick to some card tricks?
  9. A Formal Apology.  Very easy to pull off — wear a tuxedo and pin a sign to the front saying, “I’m sorry.”  What are you this year? A formal apology. (Extra points from your more intellectual friends for creativity.)
  10. Bride & Groom.  Have your date grab an old wedding dress (Goodwill perhaps?) and head down the aisle.  A good option for married couples. (However, you should probably avoid this if it raises uncomfortable conversations about why you haven’t shown more interest in popping the question to your long-term girlfriend.)
  11. Zombie Groom. A variation on the above idea. Wear your tux with a little zombie makeup and you’re good to go.
  12. Humphrey Bogart. For a guy with the right build, just add a white dinner jacket and a glass of scotch. Here’s lookin’ at you kid.
  13. Chippendale Dancer. For the guy with self-confidence to spare, this may be an option.  Not really requiring much in the way of a full tuxedo. A bow-tie, bare chest and tight pants should do the trick.
  14. A Penguin. Find a cute penguin mask and pair it with a tailcoat tuxedo.
  15. Vintage Prom. Find a vintage style and go with it.  Load the top ten hit songs from 1980 (or whenever you graduated) on your phone.
  16. Phantom of the Opera. A tuxedo and a half-mask is all you need to pull off this French legend.
  17. Symphony Conductor. Good evening maestro. Tux it up and add a conductor’s wand.
  18. Monopoly Man. Wear a top hat, a tail coat and a curvy mustache. Hand out fake money to other guests at the party.
  19. Vintage Hollywood. We already mentioned Humphrey Bogart, but wear a top hat & tails to be your own version of Gene Kelly or other Hollywood legends.
  20. Rat Pack. Tuxes with untied bow ties, a cocktail in one hand and a mic in the other will complete the picture.
  21. Titanic. Leo looked great dancing in a tuxedo with Kate Winslet. Bring a date and go as this duo.
  22. Secret Service. A black suit or tuxedo and a pair of sunglasses and you’ll be good to go.

Whatever you go as this year, be safe and send us some pictures of you in your tuxedo-themed costume.  We’d love to see how it looks!